The World of Magick is a recurring location in the Chzo Mythos series. It is a twin realm to the World of Technology. One of the key difference between the two realms is, that magick, which has almost disappeared from World of Science over time, still exists in plentiful amounts in this realm. This has caused the inhabitants to rely on magick based solutions for their everyday problems and challenges. As a consequence of this, mechanical technology has become superfluous, to the point where almost all development in this field has come to a stop.

Appearances Edit

Trilby's Notes Edit

The World of Magick is mentioned in Trilby's Notes as being the realm of Chzo and Cabadath. A world parallel to the World of Technology, it contains the Dark Clanbronwyn Hotel, an alternate, dark version of the Clanbronwyn Hotel seen in the World of Technology.

At least one of the bodies in the dark version of the hotel can be safely be presumed to belong to one of the realm's natural inhabitants.

6 Days a Sacrifice Edit

The Expedition Edit

The Expedition gives the World of Magick further description.