William Taylor
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Vital statistics
Title Doctor
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Earth Federation
Appearances 7 Days a Skeptic

Doctor William Taylor serves as the medic on Mephistopheles. He appears only in 7 Days A Skeptic.


At the point where 7 Days begins, Willaim is fresh out of the medical academy. His post on the Mephistopheles is his first real assignment for the Earth Federation. He is very unsure about whether he is qualified to perfom his task, and has frequent nightmares that centers around being rejected, especially by his father.



"He needed eyes...he took my eyes." (When John Defoe has taken his eyes and left the doctor for dead.)

"I hope you can forgive me." (When about to disassemble Dr. Somerset.)


Dr. Taylor is most likely the many times great-grandson of Simone Taylor of 5 days a Stranger. John Defoe's influence seems to have continuously haunted the Taylor family line, as well as the Harty bloodline.

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