The Mystery Of DeFoe Manor is an article dated May 1993, lent by Phillip Harty to Trilby during the house meeting on Day One of 5 Days a Stranger.

Trilby notices that: "It's an article cut out from a magazine called Treasure Hunting Monthly."



DeFoe Manor, one of the country's more notorious stately homes, is renowned for being a great source of untold wealth, but what is the curse that surrounds the creaking house?

The mansion was built in the early 19th century by the legendary explorer Roderick DeFoe, in celebration of his retirement and marriage.

Sir Roderick disappeared along with his only son, on the fifteen year anniversary of his wife's sudden death.

After that, the house fell into the possession of a succession of heirs, most of whom died or disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

The house was left abandoned after the last heir was thought to have died in 1946, until the recent appearance of Clarence DeFoe, who managed to prove his connection to the lineage and inherit the house.