The Arts Of Black Magic and Necromancy is a book found in the library of DeFoe Manor in 5 Days A Stranger. It is used by Trilby to summon the spirit of John DeFoe back to his body.



Murderous wraiths are nigh-indestructible when they can hop from body to body, but tying them down to their old bodies returns them to partial mortality, a state in which they can be destroyed. Simply enough, place the spirit's original body in a place of fire and death. Return it its old clothes. Then read aloud the following passage, omitting nothing.

In this hall of death, and by the light of Prometheus gift, I call thee. I bring the gifts that may tempt thee back. I bring thee thy helm, that thy would be masked. I bring thee thy armour, they thy would be clothed. I bring thee thy sword, that thy would be armed. Come. Come. Come.

WARNING: The summoning of a wraith will often bring forth other unquiet spirits, who will haunt those who hold their possessions.