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The Order of Blessed Agonies is a recurring group in the Chzo Mythos.


A masochistic pain cult formed by Jack Frehorn, the secretive order believes in purification through pain and worship Chzo, a magical pain elemental who resides in the World of Magick. From behind the scenes, the Order manipulates events in history so that the Prophecies of Chzo may be fulfilled.

Let's Play Trilby's Notes Part 12 Order of Blessed Agonies

Let's Play Trilby's Notes Part 12 Order of Blessed Agonies

Video including the founding of the order

In order to be accepted into the order, one must suffer the Blessed Agonies of Body, Soul and Mind — immense physical pain, murder of a loved one and the torture of one's mind through boredom, fear and insanity. This same set of beliefs is crucial to the success of the Prophecies of Chzo.

It is unknown what became of the Order following the failed Chzo summoning in 2189, but it is implied that the Order was disbanded following the government investigation into the explosion at the end of 6 Days a Sacrifice. Because all foretold events that were prerequisites to Chzo's arrival have already taken place all to bear nothing, there would be no need for the Order to even exist anymore.


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Cabadath and Lenkman speak to some members of the cult