Christopher Quinn
Quinn, as depicted in Age of Evil
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Ministry of Occultism (formerly),
Special Talent Project
Appearances Age of Evil (game),
Chris and Trilby (webcomic)
Christopher Davisham "Chris" Quinn is a demon-hunter, and former novelist from Age of Evil, a mod developed by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw for the video game 'Duke Nukem 3D: The Atomic Edition.

According to Yahtzee Croshaw, Quinn can be characterized as wild, crazy and irresponsible.

Background Edit

Christopher was once a famous English novelist. He has implied that he was bullied during his school years.

The Party

A poster for Chris Quinn's most recent book.

He was sent to the Merrick-Boswell Institute for Mental Health, a mental asylum, due to some kind of unspecified psychotic breakdown. However, there is a high likelihood that this breakdown may have been the result of drug and alcohol abuse, as he is an alcoholic, has claimed to be addicted to peyote and sugar, and has been known to suffer from audio-visual delusions (particularly, a giant, talking beagle head; being stuck in a pinball machine & being shrunk down to the size of a mouse).

He was hospitalized shortly after the publication of a novel called The Party.

Age of Evil Edit

One day he awoke within his ward to find that his entire town, and country (perhaps the entire world) had been overrun by the living dead, and other unworldly abominations. He broke free of the mental asylum, and travelled all throughout his hometown, using what weaponry and arcane magic he could find to defeat the invading evil. He fought his way through zombies, phantoms, entrails, poltergeists, bloated monsters & demonic spectres, but eventually managed to defeat the source of their power, and purged his country of Evil.

Chris & Trilby Edit


Chris, from the Chris & Trilby sprite comic.

After the events of "Age of Evil", Chris became a demon hunter for the Ministry of Occultism. Although its canonicity is questionable, due to its comedic nature, Chris did encounter Trilby whilst moonlighting as a security guard for a museum, at the same time as Trilby was attempting to steal the The Fabulous Cursed Ruby of Whiffle DeFang. They then went on several adventures including escaping the police and travelling to Atlantis; being sent to a formless void which was later revealed to be heaven; becoming the figureheads of a new religion based around earning money and floating cake hats & invading a European country in an attempt to stop a vampire.

Other Appearances Edit

Chris would later be recruited as a member of the Special Talent Project (STP).