Barry Chahal
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Earth Federation
Appearances 7 Days a Skeptic

Barry Chahal (July 22, 2330 - July 21/22, 2385) is the captain of the Mephistopheles and decorated veteran of the Earth Federation Navy. He is apparently a descendant of Abed Chahal. He only appears in 7 Days A Skeptic.

Appearance Edit

Barry is of Indian descent. He has black hair with gray stripes arranged in a crewcut. At the time the game takes place, he is 55 years old and only one assignment away from retirement.

Role in the game Edit

At the beginning of the game, Barry calls the crew of the Mephistopheles together to tell them about the discovery of a strange object found floating in the ship's course. Angela Garrett informs him the higher command have advised them to leave the object alone. He ignores this, brushing it away as "only a recommendation", mostly because he sees it as his last change to achieve something before his retirement. The object turns out to be the coffin of John DeFoe. As no one in the crew knows anything about John DeFoe, they assume that the coffin contains human remains and is the result of a space burial. After this discovery, Barry agrees with Angela to keep the coffin aboard overnight, in order to shoot it back into space the next day.

Barry's body is however found impaled on the ship's radio antennas by Jonathan Somerset the next day. As Jonathan comes back later to remove the body, it has disappeared.

At a point in the game where Jonathan is being held prisoner by Angela, Barry reappears as a reanimated corpse (possibly because he has been possessed by John DeFoe's soul), who kills Angela and then attempts to kill Jonathan, who escapes by using a stungun on him. Barry then follows Jonathan around the ship, before Jonathan manage to lure Barry into a trap and kill him by knocking him down the reactor shaft.

The reanimated Barry was however not made entirely from his own body parts, as some of his limbs can be seen in William Taylor's room later on in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • As the Destruction of John DeFoe's soul had to have happened on July 28, Barry's birthday is actually the 22nd, not the 28th.